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Confused with Marketing Tools for Small Business – We are Sharing What we Like!

In an Accounting Practice, platforms are fairly set in stone i.e. a tax return will pretty much look the same regardless of what you use.   To then leave this environment and commence working on a start-up with the need to market and sell was a real culture shock.   Over the past 18 months, I’ve given a lot of these marketing tools a ‘trial run’…. Some have been shockers but there are some gems.   We are fairly settled on the marketing tools we use today but as the business continues to evolve and grow + with the huge range of new platforms continuing to be released this will always be a ‘watch this space’.

So that you can have meaningful discussions with your clients in relation to these marketing tools, I’ll not only let you know what we use today but some comparatives around others we have tested as price also plays a role in the consideration of these platforms.  Let’s get started:


Email Automation:


Infusionsoft Mailchimp Active Campaign


Price for Basic (very limited Contacts & Features)

$99/mth USD

Free $17/mth USD

$79/mth USD

Price for 2,500 Contacts

$199/mth USD

$30/mth USD $29/mth USD

$279/mth USD

Price for 5,000 Contacts

$299/mth USD

$50/mth USD $45/mth USD

$279/mth USD

Price for 10,000 Contacts

$379/mth USD

$80/mth USD $70/mth USD

$279/mth USD

Price for 25,000 Contacts


$155/mth USD $135/mth USD

$279/mth USD

Price for 100,000 Contacts


$475/mth USD $415/mth USD

$597/mth USD

Setup Fee

$1,999 USD

Nil Nil


Lead Scoring      
Lead Segmentation    X    
Social CRM  X  X    X
Create Quotes     X  X  X
Create Invoices     X  X  X
Sales Reports         
Outlook/Gmail Integration         X
Landing Pages     X X  
Web Activity Tracking       
Facebook Contests     X     
SMS Marketing      X    
Social Media Listening  X   X    X
Webinar Integration      X    
Split Testing      X    
Membership Sites      X   

What do we Now Use:   Active Campaign………..check it out here


Landing Pages:





Price for Base

$37/mth USD


$99/mth USD

Price for Medium

$79/mth USD

$97/mth USD

$199/mth USD

Price for Advanced

$2,388/year USD

$297/mth - USD

$499/mth USD

Saving for Annual Billing

32% - Standard

39% - Pro



Unlimited Mobile Responsive Pages      
Unlimited Traffic/Leads      
Unlimited Domains  

Unlimited Popup Forms    
A/B Split Testing    
Text-to-Opt-In Codes      X
Click Sign Up Links      X
Drag & Drop Editor    
Conversion Rate Stats      
Sales Funnel Builder  X    X
One Click Upsells/Downsells  X    X
Email Autoresponder  X    X
Affiliate/Membership Programs  X    X

What do we Now Use:   Leadpages………..check it out here


Other Marketing Tools we are currently using........


Designrr – This platform allows you to copy any blog post url into Designrr – From there it creates a professional looking ebook and converts it to a pdf.  Very easy to use and great for repurposing content.  In addition, it also allows you to draw in content from a Word Doc or PDF.   There are three pricing brackets - $27USD, $37USD or $67USD – all monthly plans.  I will write my next blog in some more detail on Designrr as is a tool that accounting practices could be using today.

Check it out here at Designrr


Canva – A free graphic-design platform (although your business can pay $119.40US/year and have a whole raft of more features). Canva has an easy to use drag-and-drop interface and provides access to over a million photographs, graphics, and fonts. It is great for not only professional designers but for everyday users. The tools can be used for both web and print media design and graphics.  Whether you are chasing social media covers, presentations, infographics, flyers, posters, invitations – thanks to Canva, you are sure to find something that fits the bill here.

Check it out here at Canva


Hootsuite – Ever wondered how businesses manage their social media platforms when there is so many of them – all with different rules/ways of doing things.  Hootsuite allows you to blast one post out over all over your social media platforms.  Furthermore it allows you to control the timing and scheduling of posts plus provides you with some great insights as to the effectiveness of your posts and campaigns.  Pricing starts at $25/mth USD for a one user licence but does go up steeply from there to $129/mth USD for a three user licence and then $675/mth USD for a five user licence.

Check it out here at Hootsuite


We hope you’ve gained some insight into a few of the tools in the marketplace – feel free to share it with your clients.  In conclusion, if you would like to know how Saasset can better help you compare the accounting platforms in the marketplace so that your clients are receiving the best advice, visit us as Saasset or alternatively take our quiz below to see how your practice is performing.

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