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Saasset is Australia’s first company utilising the power of innovative technology to deliver accounting software comparison recommendations to the finance sector

Recommendation reports are generated based on the features of current accounting products in the market place and your client’s need in business. As financial specialists, accountants and bookkeepers are often asked “What accounting software do I need for my business?” by a wide range of diverse clients. To understand their requirements, advisors must have a good overview of their client’s business position as well as be up to date with software providers, products currently available and relevant features contained in those products. This is often an impossibly long and arduous task…
Until now, of course.

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We are fervently dedicated to providing accountants and bookkeepers with a new and exciting service that saves time, expands service capability and increases workflow efficiency. 


In addition to your recommendation report, you are supplied with a customisable white labelled implementation plan, training plan and quote template. Your monthly subscription allows you to generate an unlimited number of reports – no limits, no levels – one subscription platform, unlimited reports.

Our cloud based system captures and analyses various accounting software options and capabilities, and compares these to the needs of the business owner based on the data you enter. You can save reports, enter details later, fill in some and send some to your client... You don’t even have to fill in every question. When you have completed all the compulsory questions, hit ‘Go Saas’ and instantly, you’ll receive a set of accounting software recommendations. Choose the right product for you and your client, and receive a professional white-labelled customisable recommendation report, a client implementation plan, training plan and quote via email. So simple, it’s Saasy!




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meet our CEO

SAAS_Jane Edit

Saasset is the brainchild and problem child of semi retired accountant and ex Director of McConachie Stedman, Jane Heidrich.

With over 25 years in the financial sector, Jane understands the issues and time many accountants face and spend on essential tasks, and sought to build an asset for all accounting and bookkeeping firms that saved time, increased efficiency, and created opportunity for growth and development.

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